Murud-Janjira, Maharashtra 

Murud first brings to mind the impregnable fort of Janjira situated deep in the sea. The historically renowned capital of the Siddhis of Janjira, Murud is, however, slowly gaining popularity as a picturesque beach resort these days.

History: The Janjira fort has a colorful history. In the 15th century the Rajpuri village was inhabited by fisherfolk and the Nizams ruled the entire shoreline. Shivaji Maharaj made six unsuccessful attempts to conquer this fort. Later Sambhaji and even the Peshwas tried to conquer Mehroob, but in vain. The fort Janjira, thus remained unconquered and labeled as impregnable. The splendour of the fort is evident even today. There are a few majestic cannons, which have their own names, and remind you of the many ships they must have destroyed in wars.

Getting there: Murud is 165 Kms. and about 5 hours driving distance from Mumbai. One can travel upto Panvel and then take the road that passes through the Karnala Bird Sanctuary upto Pen. You have to travel further to Roha, a town dotted heavily with chemical plants. The Murud beach is westward from Roha and the road winds through coconut and betelnut fronds. Local residents have arrangements to serve simple and delicious Maharashtrian food which you can down with Kokam kadi.

Nearby Attractions: Nandgaon & Kashid: Just 2 km north of Murud, these two serene and unspoilt beaches are less frequented and a perfect haven for those seeking solitude.