Interesting facts about India and Indians!


Something to be proud about!

Source : recently published in a German Magazine, dealing with WORLD HISTORY.

Few More Facts...


  • Silicon Valley alone contains over 1,00,000 Indian millionaires.

  • Sabeer Bhatia invented HOTMAIL and sold it to Microsoft for $400 million.

  • Victor Menezes is No. 2 in CITIBANK.

  • Shailesh Mehta is CEO of Providian, a top US financial services company.

  • Also at or near the top are Rakesh Gangwal of US Air, Jamshd Wadia of Arthur Andersen & Aman Mehta of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank

  • Rono Dutta has become head of the United Airlines, The biggest airlines in the world.

  • Rana Talwar has become head of the Standard Chartered Bank PLC, One of the biggest multinational banks in Britain, while still in his 40's.

  • Rajat Gupta is head of MCKINSEY the biggest management consultancy firm in the world. He now advises the biggest multinationals on how to run their business.

  • Lakhsmi Mittal has become the biggest steel baron in the world with steel plants in the US, Kazakhstan, Germany, Mexico, Trinidad & Indonesia.

  • Subash Chandra of Zee TV has become a global media king. One of the few to beat Rupert Murdoch.

  • You may not have heard of 48 year old Guru Raj Deshpande. His communications company SYCAMORE, is currently valued by the US stock market at over $ 30 billion, making him perhaps the richest Indian in the world.

  • Arun Netravali has become president of Bell Labs, one of the biggest research and development centers in the world with 30,000 inventions and several nobel prizes to it's credit.



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