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The Clear Skin Diet

Skin problems happen to everyone. They are unavoidable.They erupt nearly everyone’s face at some time and seriously affect more than half of all adolescents for some years of their lives.
One factor is the major importance of diet. A diet for blemish-prone skin must be consistently high in protein and fresh raw fruit and vegetables. There are three rules to observe in the diet.

  1. Avoid eating chocolate and foods or drinks make with cocoa. They could be link between chocolate and skin conditions such as pimples.

  2. Avoid fried and fatty foods in general.

  3. Avoid starchy foods. No cakes, biscuits, sweets, bread or Jams.

Protein is a major pimple-fighter. Eat it in fish, poultry and egg-white.

If you have ever shopped for skin treatment you will know there are dozens of ways to fight off blemishes.

Antibiotics fight infection and therefore pimples a healthy diet puts your metabolism in tip-top shape and emotional tranquility will ward off skin eruptions.

The trouble begins during teenage years with the development of adult sexual characteristics.

The glands often become over productive and churn out a needless amount of oil.

Soon whiteheads appear later they become blackheads and sometimes cysts. They can leave noticeable scares if not effectively treated.

The most effective and widely used antibiotic is called tetracycline. It is taken as a capsule before every meal (sometimes the capsule does is higher) and acts by slowing down production in the oil producing sebaceous glands. This stops the eruption of pimples.

As the condition improves the does is reduced to two or one capsule a day. Tetracycline is available through your doctor on prescription.

Combined with tetracycline is a cream (benzoy peroxide.) Applied each morning to the affected areas it can produce excellent results. Care must be taken to keep it ways from eyes and lips. You can buy panoxy Acne gel which contains benzoy peroside from your chemist.

Do beware of over-sing cleansers containing large amounts of bacteria killing substances (such as hexacholraphene). They may aggravate pimple formation.

Go lightly on cosmetics and you will not clog the facial pores and aggravate the skin condition.

Drink plenty of fluids (at least eight glasses of water a day) but don’t eat a lot of spicy foods such as curries.


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