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How to wear your hair?

How you wear your hair says a lot about your looks, your likes and your lifestyle - so it's worth finding the style that really suits you

Face shape and features
Even though you absolutely love the latest look from the Paris or Milan catwalks, it might not be the right one for you. The shape of your face and the proportions of your features will help tell you what hairstyle is perfect for you:

  • Oval-shaped face: Lucky you! You have the kind of face shape that lets you wear your hair just about any way you choose. The forehead and chin of an oval face are in proportion to each another, making both long and short cuts look great on you.

  • Round face: To get the illusion of a narrower face, try a cut with layers and fullness on top, but keep it close to your face at the sides. Go either short or longer than chin length, swept back from your forehead, with wispy fringes or parted on the side. A rounded style that ends at your chin will emphasise the shape of your face.

  • Heart-shaped face: Those with a heart-shaped face know that the jaw and forehead often look wide, and the chin can appear pointy. Short hair usually works well for this face shape; a thick, chopped, layered cut or a pixie cut is a good choice because the hair is full on top, evening out the jaw- and chin lines.

  • Full forehead, long chin: If you have a full forehead and a long chin, it helps to add volume below the chin to balance things out a bit. A medium-length bob or thick, layered cut lends fullness where it's needed. Fringes can also help reduce the appearance of a large forehead.

  • Large features: If you're supersensitive about the size of your nose or any other part of your face, you can de-emphasise these features with fullness in the hair. Straight hair parted in the middle makes a prominent nose seem even more so - as does a long, heavy fringe - but a fuller style takes off the emphasis and balances out large features. Soft, subtle highlights can also help by drawing the eye away from the face and toward the hair.

  • Long or short neck: If you were blessed with a long, graceful neck, take advantage of this enviable feature when choosing a hairstyle. A long neck can be shown off to excellent advantage with short hair; on the other hand, long hair can also enhance a graceful neck, especially when worn in an elegant special-occasion style like a twist or up. If your neck is short and you want to wear a short cut, create the illusion of length by tapering your hair at the base of the neck and go fuller on top.






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