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Split Ends : Natural Tips to Cure Split Hairs

Here are some proven natural tips that help you to get rid off your split hairs

  • Take small sections of hair and carefully twist them in a gentle downward motion. Any split ends will automatically stick out. Carefully snip into the twist with sharp scissors. Don't cut right through; just cut into the thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect. Be careful to cut roughly the same amount from each twist.

  • Don't brush hair when it's wet, because that's when it is at its most vulnerable.

  • To reduce tangles and get rid of split ends, brush your hair before you take a shower. While you're in the shower, try not to bunch up your hair while you're washing it. Make sure your hair hangs straight down, apply shampoo near the top of your scalp, and work the lather downward by gently working your fingers in a zigzag motion down the length of your hair. This will prevent tangles that encourage breakage when you brush after your shower.

  • Use a shampoo that lists sunscreen as a major ingredient. 

  • Condition after shampooing, and use a deep conditioner once a month.

  • Rub a lime on your scalp if there is dandruff on your scalp, leave it for 10 minutes and shampoo the hair. You should use medicated dandruff shampoo and oil to apply on your hair when they are suffering from dandruff.

  • To get rid of split ends, use plenty of conditioner during and after a shower. Some conditioners are good for your hair, and others aren't. Generally speaking, those conditioners that are more expensive or found in reputable hair salons are the better conditioners. Conditioner will not only help keep your hair feeling luxuriously smooth, but it will also help prevent breakage and the resulting split ends by lubricating your hair. The problem here is that conditioners that make your hair easy to brush tend to leave more residues.

  • To keep your hair healthy and to prevent split ends you should deep condition your hair once a month. A good method to doing this is to put the conditioner in your hair and place a plastic cap over your head with all your hair inside. Then place a hot damp towel on top of the plastic cap and leave on there for 10 minutes. Afterward, rinse hair with extremely cold water.

  • Get some vitamin E capsules and squeeze the contents out of a few of them, and mix with a little boiling water and the same quantity of a cheap olive oil. Mix these together well until fully integrated together, and once that is done - it's time for the treatment. Massage into the hair whilst still warm - but not whilst boiling hot so allow to cool first, and then leave on hair for around 20 minutes before rinsing out.

  • If you have split ends already and you want to get rid of those split ends, make sure to cut at least 1 and inch up the hair to prevent further splitting. Split ends do have a tendency to keep splitting if you give them the chance. If you have time during the day, or in the evening, check your hair occasionally for split ends and simply cut about one to one and a half inches above the split end, and apply a conditioning treatment to the recently split end to ensure not more splitting.

  • As a rule, hair specialists tell you not to brush your hair while it's wet if you want to get rid of split ends. This is where the last two steps come into play. Let's be honest with ourselves, and admit that we need to brush our hair while it's wet because we don't have a lot of time in the morning. If you did the first two steps above properly, and you didn't bunch your hair up with your towel, you should be able to brush your hair quite easily when it's still wet.

  • You must cut the tip divided about one inch above the subdivision. When your hair is wet, it can brush. Use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet to avoid get broken in your hair. When hair is dry, you can paint with a brush, but be sure not to brush, as it would shatter. In addition, when you are in the sun, wear a hat can keep broken away. If it is winter, and then get some hair moistener to help keep your hair from becoming dry, causing broken. You can also use shampoos, which consist mainly of sunscreen in the ingredients. Be sure to get a garnish of your ends every six weeks.

  • Don't use hair dryers, curling irons, or hair straightening devices if you're serious about getting rid of split ends. Anything that uses heat to treat your hair, barring "thermal hair treatments," is bad for your hair. Instead of frying your hair on a daily basis, why not do what I do and take a little more time in the morning to allow your hair to dry without a hair dryer. Make sure to brush your hair in such a way as to spread it across yourself, exposing more surface area and thus reducing the time it takes to dry.


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