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French Pedicure

One can try french pedicure at home. The process will save lots of money which you otherwise spend in beauty parlours.

First soak your feet in lukewarm water. Soaking is optional if you are giving yourself a basic French Nail Polish treatment. But it is recommended as it provide relieve to your toes and feet of dry skin.

Exfoliate your feet then apply lotion, use thicker solutions on the feet which has moisture content and nourishes your skin

For a French pedicure you need two different colors polish. You need white (French Tip White to be exact) and a light pink or peach tone for the base (Barely Pink to be precise). You could even try using a light pink with a bit of a metallic in it for some extra groove to it. Do not pick a base that is really thick because that leads to unevenness.

First apply one even layer of the base coat (the pink or peach colored one) to all ten toes. Wait for it to dry-usually about a minute or two, depending on what kind of polish. Ideally, this coat should be applied in 3 strokes and should not be too thick, just enough to give the exact color indicated on the bottle.

Applying the white tips is the most frustrating step to the pedicure and basically defines how well the French Pedicure is done. Apply a thin even amount in a straight, smooth line on the tip of your nail. Don't make it too big of a line, or too small of a line. Try to follow the natural curvature of the nail so it looks natural.

Last step is to the perfect French pedicure.apply another thin layer of the pinkish base coat over all ten nails again. This makes the pedicure look neat and sexy.

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