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Great skin is the first step toward an excellent makeup. Skin plays a vital role in our life, how one looks and feels directly correlates to ones skin.

Partaking in health and beauty rituals indiscriminately - slowing time and gravity's tentacles continues to lead us on a trail that has been philosophised throughout history. Beauty comes from within, for the beauty that is without resembles the beauty that is within.

The type of skin you have depends on your genes, sex, age, environment, structure and regeneration. How you treat your skin will always be evident in your face, hands and body. Its never too early nor too late to begin looking after your skin.

There are four major types of skin.

Normal Skin

Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Combination Skin

Making the best choices for our bodies, and ultimately our skin, is achieved through diet/ food, exercise, regular professional treatments, personalized homecare, and a healthy mental attitude. check out some related articles...

Skin cleansing is essential: pollution, grease and grime cling to the skin, clogging pores; while the body eliminates toxins through perspiration. If the cleansing process is not thoroughly undertaken, the skin will look and feel sluggish, tired and minor skin problems and irritations will transpire.

Cleansing should be part of the daily routine: upon waking, and before returning to bed; before using special treatments (masks); before and after makeup; and after sport (to wash away perspiration and grime that builds up), all without disturbing the skins natural acidity. The acid mantle (or pH) valiantly guards the skin against bacterial invasion and other disturbances; warding off moisture loss, leaving the skin smooth, fine and blemish free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. I do not really have a dry skin but in winter the area around my mouth looks white and flaky. And if I apply any cream I get a bout of pimples which are really painful and really hard to control. Please help me to solve my problem.

Rinku Sharma, Calcutta

A.  From your query it is understood that the cream which you are using at present is not suiting you So why do not try something else. Massage half a tsp of honey and half a tsp of almond oil on the area and leave on for about half an hour and wipe of with a wet cotton wool. This way you will not be attracting dust and grime and making the area so oily as to cause pimples and acne. 


Q I am 20yrs old girl with a good figure and great legs. I am fair complexioned, but my knees are darker from the rest of my body. Moreover, the skin is quite rough, making it really an eyesore. Could you please suggest an effective remedy for this..

A. There are special loofahs available in the market which you can wear while bathing. Besides this, take two lemon halves and a teaspoon of  sugar and rough gently on the knees until all the granules have melted. This will not only remove any dead surface skin   but lighten and soften the skin as well. Try doing this daily before bath, for a week for effective results.

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