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Winter Hair Care

With the onset of cooler temperatures and the diminishing hours of sun comes a new set of hair care demands. Hair easily becomes dry during this time of year from the dry indoor heating and the dry cold weather outside. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. During the winter months, hair turns dry, dull, and brittle. The tips below will help you keep your hair more healthy during winter months.

Proper preventative steps need to be taken during this seasons to ensure that your hair does not get damaged.

  1. The most important way to protect your hair from damaging is to wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from the cold and wind, but make sure that it's not so tight that it will restrict circulation in your scalp.

  2. To protect hair after showering, lightly spray ends with a leave-in conditioner to help make strands more pliable. Then comb tresses gently with a wide-tooth comb and blot with a soft towel (vigorous rubbing can cause further breakage). Hair conditioning is essential for the purpose it also provides extra shine to our hair.

  3. Pamper strands once a week. All hair types can benefit from a moisture boost. If your hair is fine and limp, treat it weekly with light conditioning products Or use more intense conditioners if you have thick, curly, frizzy or extremely damaged hair.

  4. Don't go outside with your hair wet, you risk breakage; your hair will freeze if it's cold enough outside and may break.

  5. Avoid using blow dryers and curling irons on your hair.Even if you are using those equipments apply conditioner before using them.

  6. To make the cuticle lie down and lay flat rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. It's very acidic and leaves the hair with a fresh clean smell.

  7. Don't wash your hair every day. Doing so will strip it of all its natural oils

  8. Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water, use warm or cool water instead, the heat can dry out and/or damage your hair and skin.

  9. Spend less time in the sun, the natural highlights nature paints into our hair become less noticeable and hair loses its healthy shimmering look. The cold air of winter is more drying and less humid and therefore more abusive than other times of the year. Indoor heating devices create a dryer climate as well.

  10. Apple cider vinegar contracts the cuticle and locks not only moisture but color in as well. A vinegar rinse will give you less chance of color fade.

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