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Winter Hand Care

As the winter season approaches we all find the hands begins to dry up and appear scaly. The skin of our hands is thin, delicate, and often dry, this is why it is the first to suffer from cold winds, frost, and dry heated air inside our apartments. A simple skin care routine made in the house can help work wonders in keeping the hands comfortable. Take care of your hands this winter with these Hand Care Tips.

  1. The most important hand protection from winter elements is as simple as just to wear gloves. Wear gloves whenever you step outside. These are must if your hand skin is dry and irritated.

  2. Squeeze two tomatoes and apply the juice over the hands. Mix some coarsely ground dates into the remaining tomato juice and use as an exfoliator, removing all traces of dead cells from the hands. Wipe off with a hand towel soaked in warm water.

  3. Natural hand cream or coconut oil, or shea butter, can be used to nourish and moisturise the skin of your hands. Natural hand cream can be made in home by mixing some unsalted butter with a bit of honey and several beneficial herbs, such as coltsfoot or nettle. This rich, nourishing cream is the most effective for a winter time.

  4. It is always important to keep your hands moisturised. For a natural hand moisturiser, combine wheatgerm oil with a favourite essential oil. Keep an energising blend handy during the day and a calming blend nearby at bedtime.

  5. If you notice your cuticles peeling a lot they may be overly dry. Pay special attention to them when moisturizing your hands use sandalwood, chamomile or rose essential oil that has been mixed with a hydrating base oil such as hazelnut, avocado or evening primrose.

  6. A few drops of lemon juice applied to your hands after washing is a good way to add moisture and vital vitamins to the skin and restore its pH balance. As an emergency hand mask, use a mixture of 1 tbsp glycerine, 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, freshly-squeezed juice of 1 lemon, 1 egg yolk, and several ounces of rose water. Another miraculous hand mask can be made by mixing together humble boiled potatoes and milk.

  7. Moisten the air inside your house by placing a plate of water near heaters. Using rose water will also fill the air with a delicate scent and will work as aromatherapy. This simple measure will prevent skin, including the skin of hands, from over-drying.

  8. Once a week, pamper your hands with a herbal bath or a herbal oil massage. For a bath, use nettle, sage, calendula, or chamomile steamed in water. Soak your hands in the cooled brew for 10-15 minutes, dry thoroughly, and apply a rich cream. For a massage, use almond oil with several drops of essential oil of rosemary.

  9. Moisturize after each hand washing. Unless you need your untouched up hands for a medical procedure apply a nice layer of hand healing lotion after each scrub up. Keep a small bottle of lotion at each sink and a mini bottle in your purse or diaper bag for quick and easy application.

  10. Always wear rubber gloves while washing dishes, and especially so in the winter. Overexposure to both water and harsh chemicals in dishwashing liquids draws natural moisture and lubrication out of your hands. For the same reason, do not wash your hands too often, unless you work in a hospital. Nurses, who have to frequently wash their hands with soap, often develop extremely dry, cracked, and painful hand skin that is hard to cure.

  11. Apply some plain date juice on hands. Massage well using rotary movements to improve circulation and also ease tired points. Wipe off with warm water after about twenty minutes of massaging.

  12. Take a mixture of calamine powder and curd, and make a pack with the same. Apply on the feet and hands generously and leave on for half an hour before washing off. Finish by applying moisturizing cream or milk, which should be left on for twenty minutes.

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