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Exercise Options at 40

At  the age of 40, you have to realize that your joints are also 40 years old, and you might need to modify your exercise intensity and routine in keeping with the physical, physiological and hormonal changes.

An aerobic routine coupled with strength training, a healthy diet and stretching can replace the lost muscle, get the body's metabolism back up, and keep weight off permanently. The focus needs to be on weight training and and to avoid dieting. 

Low-impact workouts are recommended for women at forty to allow them to burn a high number of calories, with exercises like biking or swimming. If you are bored out of your exercise routine or have you stopped seeking results. Here are some exercise options to get your metabolism rolling. 

1. Walking- It is easy, safe and inexpensive. Walking is an injury-free way for the 40+ to keep fit. It burns calories, and itís an ideal fat-burning activity. It conditions the heart, improves muscle tone and strength, relieves stress, and can help with back pain, osteoporosis, respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac rehabilitation and a variety of other health problems. 

2. Biking: This is a good exercise options for women with osteoarthritis of the knees can engage in stationary cycling by using a high seat adjustment, a low resistance setting, and toe clips. 

3. Swimming- for women at 40 swimming will help in strengthening the muscle, tendons and ligaments that supports the joints, and thus improve stability and flexibility. Aim to exercise for only 15 or 20 minutes at a time in the beginning. 

4. Low-impact aerobics- This is no jarring, jumping, or knee harming, heavy-duty swiveling, but rather stretching and then sustained exercise. Aerobic conditioning, is the best way to strengthen your heart rate, which will allow you to keep exercising at your full capacity as you age and may protect you from heart disease later on. This can include dancing, aerobic machines, light step aerobics, square dancing- or any other exercise which fits the guideline of always having one foot on the floor. 

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