The Law


Kanoon ke haath bohot lumbay hote hain....(Law's hands are very elongated)

Kanoon Ko apney haath mein mat lo (Don't take the law in your own hands)

Kanoon jazbaat nahi, saboot dekhti hai (Law does not see feeling it sees proof)

Kanoon ko saboot chahiye (Law wants proof)

Aur ye bechari begunnah hai. That's all, your honor (And this unfortunate is not-guilty. That's all your honour)

Tazeerat-e-hind , dafa 302 ke tahat, mulzim ko maut ki saza sunai jaati hai. (By the Indian penal Code section 302 the defendant is given the death sentence)

Mulzim ko Baa izzat bari kiya jata hai (The defendent is acquitted with all her honor)

Yeh Sadasad na-insafi hai..(This is completely unfair)

Lekin Milord... (reply... chupbe Gandu) (But Milord....reply shut up thou begotten of the anus)

Kanoon, Kaunsa kanoon...wohi kanoon jisne mere bequsoor baap ko phasi pe chadha diya ? (Law, which law? the law that mounted my father on the hangman)

Kanoon par se mera vishvaas uth chuka hain (My trust has mounted off the law)