The Air Hostess's work begins from the moment the plane taxic down the tarmac and pulls up in front of the aerobridge.She's at the aircraft door, warm smile on her face,welcoming passengers on board.She guide them to their seats and helps them with their luggage.
Once the plane is in full flight, she rolls out the cart-load of goodies, food and drinks,chocolates and coffee, snacks and tea.
Often passengers have qyeries,some of which can be quite trivial.Its for thre Air Hostess to field these.She ensures that the flight commander's instructions are carried out, doors are barred and seat belts fastened.She also instructs them about the different safety and emergancy rules. as well as the medical help is looked after by herself only.
There have been instances of Air Hostesses displaying valour, and even laying downtheir lives for the safty of passengers.The Air Hostess knows the the aircraft layout like the back of her hands and can evacuate passengenrs real fast from plane in the time of crisis.


To become an Air Hotess you don't need any special academic qualification. A graduation in any subject will do.There are,however,some carriers which insist on a diploma in either hotel or tourism management.But what you really need to make a mark in this field is a mix of right personality,aptitudes,skills and attitudes.One other thing that the most airlines insist on is that the candidate must n't be married at the time of appointment.
You definitely get an adge if you are fluent in a foreign language other than English.An Air Hostess needn't to be beautiful, but glamorous and charming she must be. a height of 160 cm and well groomed look are imortant.


Depending on which airline you join, your starting pay could range between Rs 16,000 and 35,000 a month.SeniorAir Hostess, both in Indian Airline and Air-India, draw as much as Rs.75,000 per month. Domestic private airlines pay even better and a senior Air Hostess with a foreign carrier draws up to an equivalent of Rs. three lakhs a month.
The airlines usally usally advertise in the appointments columns of the leading English language dailies. In the year, there can be two or three such advertisements, if not more.You may also try your luck , sending in forced applications to the aielines.The Air Hostess work on flights till she is around 38,after which she is transferred to other department,such as ticketing.
Corporate giants such as the Tatas, Relience, and the Mahindras have their own jets.They too recruit Ais Hostesses. But such appointments are rare.


  • INDIAN AIRLINES : Air India Building, 218 Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021
  • AIR INDIA : Air India Building, 218 Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
  • JET AIRWAYS : 41-42 Maker's Chambers III, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
  • SAHARA INDIA AIRLINES : Ambadeep, 14 K.G Marg, New Delhi-110 001
  • JAGSON AIRLINES LTD : Vandana Building, 11, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110 001
  • BRITISH AIRWAYS : D L F Centre, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 100 001
  • CATHAY PACIFIC : Tolstoy House, Tolstoy Marg. New Delh-110 001
  • LUFTHANSA AIRLINES : Express Towers,Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
  • EMIRATES AIRLINES : Mittal Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
  • DELTA AIRLINES : C-37, East Of Kailash, NewDelhi-110065

* You may also go to a grooming school to train as an Air Hostess:

  • BIRLA INSTITUTE OF FUTURISTIC STUDIES : M.B Girls High School, 17, Darga Road, Calcutta-700017

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