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CAT (Common Admission Test) 2016

CAT 2016 : Frequently Asked Questions

CAT will be a computer adaptive test. Is that correct?
No, CAT is not going to be a computer adaptive test. It will be Computer Based Test (CBT)

Can I take the test from any computer?
A candidate will take the test only at designated test venues in about 25 cities across India. Detailed information will be provided in the CAT 2016 advertisement.

But how do I do rough-work and calculations while arriving at the answers?
At the test venue, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he/she will be provided with a writing pad with numbered pages for calculations. After the test, candidate must leave the pad including all the pages in it at the desk. Rough-work cannot be done on any other paper/sheet as nothing will be allowed to be taken inside the test hall.

How much is the test fee for CAT 2016 and how do I pay?
The registration fee is Rs.1600/- for the general and NC-OBC candidates and Rs.800/- for the SC/SC/Person with Disability.

How do I get my admit card for the test?
After you fill-in, review, and submit the registration information during online registration, you will receive an email containing your Admit Card. You must have a valid E-mail account throughout the selection process.

What do I need to bring at the time of test?
You must bring the printed copy of the admit card, one picture ID, and any other ID not necessarily with a picture. Do not bring any other material and personal belongings with you, for no personal belongings and materials will be allowed in test-hall.

Can I take CAT more than once during the testing window?
No, a candidate can register to take test only once during the CAT 2016 testing window. Admit cards and picture ids of the candidates will be checked, and candidate pictures and biometric information will also be captured at the test venue.

I have very average/poor acads. What are my chances of clearing the GD/PI stage?
There is no minimum mark specified for the CAT. So, what it implies is that unlike other institutes, the IIMs don't use just acads as a filtering measure. If you are good enough to crack the cat, you are good. Period. The problem arises when you are facing the interview panel; you would be competing against other people who have done equally well, and have better marks backing them. Here, if you can defend yourself in the grilling and prove that your fundae are solid, well, nobody can stop you. And it helps if you do really well in the written.

What is the importance of work-ex in getting selected for the IIMs?
Generally, 48-52% of the batch are fresher. That should put your mind to rest if you too are a fresher. But yes, work-ex does have some weightage, the extent of which is a matter of conjecture. The point is, it gives you an edge when facing the panel and answering such questions as 'why MBA', and if your had done some worthwhile work the impact is bound to be felt.

What if I have no extra-curricular activities to talk about?
Come on, you must have taken part in some race, some small elocution in the ninth standard, or in the very least played cricket with friends from the colony! You don't have to be a stud player (that helps though), but you need to come across as a person with diverse interests.

What is the min/max age limit for taking CAT?
CAT and the IIMs don't have any min or max age limits specified.

I'm doing/done my three year diploma in hotel management. Am I eligible to take the CAT?
For all IIMs, the minimum eligibility criterion for admission to PGP is at least a three-year bachelors degree or equivalent in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities/ AICTE as eligible for Post Graduate Studies in Management. It means that if your diploma is not recognized as equivalent to a three-year bachelors, which is mostly the case, and if you've not done any other degree, you are not eligible. The HM people in the IIMs have completed some other degree also.

I have done my CA after doing only my CA-inter. Am I eligible to take the CAT?
Yes you are. But if you have done only CA inter without doing any degree or completing your CA final, then you are not.

What are the requirements for applying through GMAT for foreign candidates?
Cut-off GMAT scores for a particular year can vary depending on the overall quality of performance of the batch. However, GMAT percentile scores in the high nineties are usually required. Other dimensions like work experience, quality of recommendations given by the three academic referees and past scholastic achievements are also taken into consideration. If the candidate has not had English as a medium of education then TOEFL score will be looked at. The GMAT score reported should not be more than two year old.

Is it okay for non-engineers to opt for IIMC, since it is known for its quantitative orientation?
Absolutely. The courses here are slightly mathematics oriented and being strong in that helps, but there are many non-engineers here who are doing very well. And then, in the second year one can choose the subjects according to ones comfort level.

I have done math only till 10th /12th standard; can I take up PGDCM?
There is no eligibility requirement regarding math, but for actually pursuing the course one requires a decent knowledge of graduate level mathematics. So, even if one gets in, unless he has learnt higher math it would be slightly difficult to pursue the course.

I don't have any background in computers; would I be eligible for PGDCM?
No problems in that. Only thing is, for some courses previous knowledge would be helpful.

What is the difference between PGDM & PGDCM?
First of all there is absolutely no difference between PGDCM and PGDM as far as placements are concerned, or regarding the facilities and classes, which are combined with PGDM, except for the special compulsory courses of DCM in the first year:
1. Fourth generation languages
2. Data structures
3. Database management systems
4. Computing environment
5. Management information systems.
This, combined with one compulsory systems course each in the terms of the second year, in effect means an automatic additional major in Systems. One can then choose the rest of the subjects (13-22) in the second year from different departments to major in any other stream(s); a minimum of 5 in any stream gets one a major in that.
In the present batch of PGDCM, there are 58 students. 45 engineers. And out of 58 students 32 are IITians. People with both the options choose in favor of one of these courses depending on their preferences.

What is the advantage/use of going for the Fellow programme vis a vis PGDM/CM?
Whereas the PG programs are meant to prepare the candidate for a corporate career, the Fellow Program equips you for a different purpose altogether: research and academics. You go deeper into the concepts till you begin to think for yourself and then hopefully you begin to formulate some by yourself too!

What is the accommodation like? And what about married people?
Here everybody gets single-room accommodation. For married people, there is limited accommodation in the separate family hostel.

What are the loan options available?
Every year almost half the students apply for loans. There are banks like State Bank of India, Allahabad bank and PNB that come to campus for offering loans. Some banks require you to have (Or make) an LIC policy of the amount applied for and a couple of other things. The banks are quite helpful with the loan sanctioning procedures. The loans cover your fees and mess bills, and an optional computer.


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