CAT - Common Admission Test  
M.B.A, Master of Business Administration is a degree which will never go out of fashion. It is the most coveted profession.

Common Admission Test (CAT), is the common entrance exam that you have to take to get admission to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, and Kozhikode. Many other institutes like, MICA, Nirma Institute of Management, S.P. Jain Institute, also draw out their candidates based on the performance in CAT. 

The exam itself consists of four parts which are Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving and Data Interpretation. All the questions are multiple choice and you should shade your choice of answer (only with a HB pencil) in the computer coded answer sheet. For every correct answer, one mark is awarded and for every wrong answer, 1/4th of a mark is deducted. 

The exam is conducted once a year on the second Sunday of December. In order to sit for the exam, you must be a graduate or studying in the final year. The advertisements for the exam start appearing in the national dailies as early as August 23rd. The centre for the examination is allotted according to the preference of the candidate. 

The most important factor is  time  in these exam, and there are no ranks as such. Out of the 185 questions, if you attempt 100, and out of the hundred if you get 90 correct, then your chances are better than a person who has attempted all the 185 but only cleared 160 questions. After the written exam, the candidates are ranked and then only the very best are called by the IIMs. The other institutes also start sending call letters. The candidate also has to buy the application forms of these other institutes and apply to them individually. 

After the exam, the selected candidates have to undergo a group interview. This will be more like a stress interview where the candidates are posed with real problems, for which they have to discuss and arrive at an amicable solution. Often these group interviews, turn into mega shouting matches filled with chaos as everybody talks at the same time. Then comes the interview that is equally detailed in nature.

The forms for the exam can be bought from the State Bank of India & the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 

CAT 2006 (Common Admission Test 2006, India)

The IIM's in India are:

The CAT - The Common Admission Test comprised 90 questions divided into 3 sections in the year 2005. Typically this test can be expected to comprise between 75 to 150 objective type questions and is usually divided into three to four sections. Each question has a question statement followed by four alternate answer choices and the candidate has to choose the best answer for each of the questions and mark it on a special Optical Reader answer sheet.

Over the years, the number of questions being asked in CAT has been decreasing steadily. While the early 90s witnessed 180 to 200 questions, the late 90s, specifically CAT 1999 and CAT 2000 had 165 questions each. CAT 2001, CAT 2002 and CAT 2003 had only 150 questions each and these 150 questions were divided into three sections of 50 questions each. There were 123 questions in CAT 2004 and only 90 in CAT 2005. CAT 2004 and CAT 2005 both had differential marks to questions. There were 0.5 marks, 1 mark and 2 marks questions.

The duration of the test is of 120 minutes. This literally translates to answering a CAT question in 48 seconds. Most successful aspirants do not attempt anything more than 120 plus questions. And quite a lot of them attempt between 70 and 90 marks worth of questions. The key to success, therefore, lies in two important parameters

CAT 2006 (Common Admission Test 2006, India)

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