Do's and Don't's for Resumes:

        Your resume should be neat andclean, and not over crowded.

        It should be easy to read. Use a11 point font size, and the amount of information that is bold or underlinedshould enhance readability, not overwhelm the reader.

        Bulletor bold the information where fit.

        The resume should be between oneand three pages in length.

        Present an accurate image and bepositive about yourself.

        Seek a balance- don't pile yourresume with information, but at the same time include only so much informationthat the employer is eager to learn more.

        Always follow a backward orderwhen listing past jobs, education, awards etc (i.e. from the latest to thefirst).

        Stress accomplishments. Includefigures to support claims.

        Place education at the endunless there is a special reason to put it up front.

        Don't include salaryrequirements, unless asked to.

        Unless specifically asked to,don't include reference letters. Just the names and addresses of referenceswould suffice. Reference requests are made when there is actual hiring interest,not before.

        Don't use pronouns,abbreviations, conjunctions, jargon or buzzwords unless the terms are widelyknown and accepted as in the case of brand names such as ACC or IBM, ororganisations such as WHO.

        You should always explainabbreviations in brackets, for example GGU (Guru Ghasidas University).

        End resume with the followingformat:

"Theabove information, to the best of my knowledge, is correct and true. No attemptshave been made to falsify details."






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