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Advertising Career Prospects

The main stock in trade of advertising agency people are their creativity and technical expertise. Advertising jobs are found in advertising agencies, media organizations, advertising departments in business firms, non­profit organizations, and marketing research firms. The four major career paths in advertising are account management, creative, media and research. d. Best efforts are always must to make a successful career in this industry. Below discussed are the various career options within the various departments Advertising Industry:

Creative Department : The creative department is responsible for brainstorming, planning and combining ideas to create the actual advertisements. Within creative department we have Creative Director, Copywriter or Junior Copywriter and Art Director. Creative Director is responsible for overseeing and managing the overall responsibilities of the creative department. Copywriter / Junior Copywriter are generally those persons having the ability transform ideas into words, writing the body copy for advertisements etc. Art Director is an artist with strong visualization & drawing skills. This is the person who oversees the work of graphic artists.

Business / Client Servicing / Account Services : This department plays a major role in generating business and handling various accounts of Advertising Agencies. The Client Servicing department forms the link between the client and the advertising agency. The Account Manager is responsible for understanding the clients' needs and expectations. Once this is done, it is the Account Manager's job to communicate to his agency what the client needs from the agency. This makes the job of the Account Manager very crucial. The Account Manager must be a level headed person with strong communication skills and a pleasant personality.

Media Planner : This department selects an optimum mix of media vehicles that will provide maximum visibility to the ads resulting in maximizing sales of the client's products. The media planner must have a thorough understanding of the client's products, target customers and their buying patterns along with a knowledge of each media vehicle.

Researcher : The market research department / executives are given the responsibility of researching and studying consumer buying patterns and behavior. This individual must be able to analyze data and information resulting from customer surveys and other analytical studies.

Other career areas similar to advertising are marketing, communications, and public relations.




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