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Animation as Career : Introduction

The word animation has its roots from the Latin word Anima which stands for soul i.e. when life breathes into characters. The art of animation started with the creation of Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney. Animation is emerging a special form of media now days. Animation is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry generating a great scope of employment for those who ready to try their skills into it. At present, animation involves linking the series of drawings and simulating their movements together. It is a rapid display of 2D or 3D images to create an illusion of motion. It is an art form in which inanimate objects are brought into life by sequencing the drawn images. From a simple flick book to the computer 3D animation of stories, animation involves a lot of hard work and long hours of meticulous planning. This field being new to the Indian sector has a lot of hidden potential and talent, which needs to be properly groomed and exploited according to the international standards. There are many companies like Walt Disney, I Max and Sony who are ready to outsource their cartoon characters and are ready to invest heavily in this sector in India.

Nature of Work

The work of 3D animation involves complete teamwork and exploitation of the creative ideas. 3D animation itself is a combination of wide variety of career combinations. The various steps required for 3D animation movie are as follows:-
Story → Story Boarding → Character Sketch → Concept creation → Modeling → Environments → Rigging → Character and Mechanical Animation → Storyboard Animation → Lighting → Texturing → Dynamics → Voice Recording → Digital Editing → Vfx → Final Film.

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