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Fields and Areas of Specialization in Beauty Care

The main aspects of cosmetology or beauty care are :

Beauty Therapy:

This covers treatment of face, skin, nails and body. It extends from make-up, facial and wax or electric depilation (removal of superfluous hair) to massage, saunas, diet and exercise. Beauticians also advice clients on grooming and make-up.

Areas of specialization include :

Beautician : Works only on the face and neck.
Manicurist : Takes care only of the hands.
Pedicurist : Takes care of the feet.
Electrologist (epilatiomist) : Uses various means to remove unwanted hair.
Masseur (Masseuse) : Performs face and body massage.
Aroma Therapist : Performs massage with aromatic oils.

 Hair Dressing :


Beauty and hair care are almost always available together at same place. Locations for such outlets treatment range from luxurious salons at five star hotels to small owner-run parlours that operate from the spare room of the proprietor's home. Some beauticians also work at client's homes - particularly during weddings. Many salons also prepare and sell their own beauty care products.

This involves using a range of techniques to make hair look health and attractive. These include scalp massages, shampoo hair setting, styling and trimming - as well as other treatments like perms, henna, dyeing andcolouring. Hair dressers are also required to know about the care and application of hair pieces, wigs and other accessories. They advice clients on the right choice of hairstyle and care and maintain of their hair.

 Beauty consultancy :


The film and television industry absorbs a number of make-up and hair dressing experts - called 'artistes'. Working in these fields requires specialised knowledge of make-up application that will hold out under powerful studio lighting. Also important is an awareness of the 'look' and hair-styles of historical periods and the skill to adapt and alter an actor's features with the appropriate make-up and hair-style to suite the character he is playing.

Consultancy is usually provided by large cosmetics firms. It involves sale and promotion of beauty products through talks and demonstrations and often includes resolving customers' problems with skin-care and make-up.

 Fitness and Exercise :

This is an up and coming area that covers everything from health clubs, yoga, aerobics to workout gyms.




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