Fashion Technology : Career Options

The field of Fashion Technology offers wide career opportunities. The various sub fields can be summed up as under:

Fashion Designing : Fashion designers work includes adding new styles and products to clothing apparel and accessories by creating original designs or by adapting fashions to suit local conditions, trends and buyers. They approve final samples before they go for production. The primary task of the designer includes market research, i.e., accessing the needs of the client/market in terms of changing trends, budget etc. Accessory Designers designs shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery, ties, etc which offers the complete look to the garment.

Fashion coordinators : Fashion coordinators helps manufacturing houses, textile firms and retail stores in arranging and supervising the marketing of fashion clothing. It is a highly competitive job and involves a variety of functions which include advice on latest fashion trends, organise fashion shows, assist in advertising i.e. promoting sales and liaison with fabric dealers to ensure that the fabric, buttons and colours are of the correct shade, quality and design. Coordinates may be required to travel widely to get an idea of the fashion trends. A candidate opting as Fashion coordinators must have high level of artistic and creative talents, a natural flair for fashion, sound judgment, excellent communication and organisational skills.

Illustrator : Illustrator are the artist who draw free hand sketches of designers ideas. They should possess outstanding sketching skills along with excellent communication skills. Illustrator helps in accessing customers demand by discussion with customers when new collection is introduced.

Fashion Consultant : Fashion Consultant offer ideas regularly on how to further develop a product to be readily absorbed in a market. He/she should be a sharp observer sensitive to changing trends. They must be aware of the trends and transitions in the fashion market along with knowledge about fashion designing.

Cutting Assistants : Cutting Assistants have to cut samples according to specifications of the designer. A cutting assistant cuts samples, makes and alters patterns to see that the design visualised can be converted to a real dress.

Sketching Assistants : Sketching Assistants prepares the sketches of the garments and makes diagrams for presentation. This sketches helps the organisation in deciding on fabrication of garment. The sketching assistant job involves selection of fabric also.

Fashion Stylist : Fashion Stylist coordinates the entire wardrobe for a fashion show or programme. It helps in promotion of turnover of the products. The task involves coordination of the dress, accessories, make up, hairstyle, according to the theme and the overall look of the show. Sometimes a stylist also helps in fabric selection. He/ she has to be well versed in the trends and happenings in the industry and also have a keen sense of current fashion trends.





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