Designations in Hotel Management

General Managers: They have responsibility for all operations at a hotel. They exercise a lot of authority within parameters set by the hotel owner or the executives of the whole chain. This authority can extend to setting prices, creating budgets that allocate resources to different departments, approving spending, and setting standards for the quality of service, including quality of staff, food, amenities, décor, and event planning.

Resident Managers: These are on-call all day because they live in the hotel. They are called on to resolve problems and respond to emergencies. However, they sometimes work a normal forty-hour workweek and make sure the hotel runs smoothly. General managers can also be resident managers.

Executive Housekeepers: They make sure that everything in the hotel, from the foyers and fitness rooms to the guest rooms to the conference rooms are maintained and clean. They are also in charge of the housekeeping staff, including training and scheduling, and keeping supplies stocked.

Front Office Managers: They are responsible for the front desk. They check customers in, make reservations, and assign rooms. They also take care of guest’s needs, deal with complaints, and make adjustments to the bill. They are in charge of the front desk even when they aren’t present, so they oversee and train the front desk staff.

Convention Services Managers: Many hotels host business conventions, special events, and conferences. Convention Services Managers work with the client company and the various operations of the hotel to make arrangements, like the number of rooms needed, scheduling conference rooms, and helping plan itineraries. They are also on hand during the event to make sure that everything goes as planned and to make adjustments when they don’t.

Assistant Managers: They help the general or resident manager manage the hotel’s daily operations. There might be a number of assistant managers who are responsible for any number of things from managing staff, accounting, taking care of paperwork, hiring, marketing, making sales, purchasing, coordinating security, keeping up with maintenance, and caring for recreational facilities.




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