Career Prospects

Journalism graduates have career opportunities in the main generalist media newspapers, television and radios. Journalists usually start with small newspaper publisher or a broadcaster where they perform basic duties around the office or assist in covering small news stories. As they gain experience or demonstrate potential in one or more areas of the business, aspiring journalists may be appointed to one of a number of specialist areas:

  • Columnists write regular segments on a particular interest such as gardening or fashion.
  • Feature writers write detailed stories or present commentaries on specific news topics.
  • Leader writers discuss news topics in the editorial columns of newspapers or magazines.
  • News reporters write and present reports on daily news events.
  • Roundspeople provide comments on a specialised area such as politics or finance.
  • Sub-editors edit written copy prepared by other journalists, design and layout pages, add headlines and allocate space to stories and articles.

Media organisations and media products are changing rapidly which is leading to an increased variety of roles for experienced journalists in areas such as public relations and marketing, and providing online news services and information for the Internet. There are also opportunities in freelance writing and editing or working for in-house and specialist publications.

The knowledge and skills that Journalists develop are widely valued and can be used in a large number of careers like web development, reality TV, publishing and marketing. Many large corporations employ journalists in a range of communications positions. People with journalism skills are also sought after by the public relations industry.




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