Law Streams

There are many different streams for studying law which are discussed below:
Corporate/Commercial Law: This is the biggest field of practice. Corporate law involves organizing businesses, mostly contracts, liability, or intellectual property.

  • Tax Law : It generally involves assisting businesses with their taxes and advising clients and individuals about tax loopholes.
  • Intellectual Property Law : This is the law of copyrights, trademarks, and patents. It is a budding area of law what with the internet, and with the increased use of computers and computer software.
  • Family Law : It involves arranging for people day to day family issues, such as adoption, divorce, and wills.
  • Criminal Law : It comes in two forms, the Crown Attorney side (prosecution) or defense lawyers, who defend people accused of crimes.
  • Constitutional Law : This today involves mainly questions concerning individual rights violations under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but may also involve the division of powers between the federal government and the provincial governments. A constitutional lawyer may also work with the government to ensure that laws that are drafted meet the requirements of the Charter.
  • Civil Litigates : Civil Litigates deal mostly with claims involving wrongdoing: tort law, and contracts.
  • International Law : This could mean working with multinational corporations, or working on International issues such as human rights, or with the UN. Many lawyers also become general practitioners, whereby they do a variety of tasks for individual, smaller clients: such as drawing up real estate deals, contracts, as well as family law things.
  • Labour/Employment Law : Labour/Employment lawyers can work for the management side or the labour side. Management side labour lawyers will advise their clients (employers) on employment law such as working conditions, wrongful dismissal etc. A labour-side employment/labour lawyer could work with individuals, or unions advising members how to pursue various claims (such as pursuing workers compensation, human rights or labour code violations, or wrongful dismissal suits).
  • Other types of law that one might practice are:Administrative law, municipal law, real estate law, immigration law, environmental law, entertainment law.




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