Areas and Fields in Photography

There are several areas in which photographers may specialize. Listed below are the major ones:

Portrait Photography : Portrait photographers take pictures of individuals or small groups, with subjects ranging from children to pets. Earlier restricted to studios based portraits, there is an increasing demand for portraits outside the studio in other settings. These photographers click portraits for ads, in-house commercial brochures, magazines, annual reports etc. Wedding and other group photographs, like sports and social clubs, form another important part of the work.

In commercial photography, a photographer takes picture of merchandise, exterior and interiors of factories and products, machinery etc. to be used in advertising and selling. The job of an industrial photographer is similar to that of a commercial photographer, but the main emphasis is on taking pictures for a single company or firm for the company's own use. It demands knowledge of the industry as well as its equipments.

Advertising Photography : Advertising photographs are taken by the photographic departments of advertising agencies, by photographic studios, or by freelance photographers, for the express purpose of advertising a product or service. A large number of photographers do catalogue work, while some studios specialize in 'mail order' photography. Advertising photographers are usually provided with instructions and guidelines as to what exactly has to be photographed and how. They are also expected to suggest their own ideas for new angles. This is the best paid and most challenging area. Success depends entirely on a person's capabilities.

Fashion Photography : Fashion photography generally is done by specialist studios or freelancers who are commissioned by fashion houses of advertising agencies. They are aware of the latest styles, mmods and fashion trends, and usually work under the direction of a fashion expert. The work involves covering fashion shows and preparing photofiles for models.

Feature photography : Feature photography involves telling a story in pictures. The photographers cover an entire theme or subject with a set of photographs. Feature photographers may work with reporters as a team, they may be freelancers, or work for studios. The work is varied, and leads to assignments at any time and in any place and anything that makes a good story. It involves keeping deadlines, capturing the events judiciously with the camera, working late and at unearthly hours or even till the event is fully covered. Press photographers must be versatile with an ability to photographs all kinds of subjects. Many photographers specialize in the photography of wildlife, sports travel, environment etc.

Editorial photography :  These photographers work mainly for magazines, nearly always as freelancers. The main task of an editorial photographer is to pictorially illustrate what is written in the article or report. Work can be varied, depending on the article or report. Journals and books on various topics carry photographs taken by specialists in those fields.




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