Scholarship in India and Abroad

Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement to meritorious students. A special emphasis is given to studies abroad where also the innovative methods are used and substantial developments have taken place in the field of education. As the rate of enrolment at the postgraduate level or research is very low in developing countries like India as compared to many other developed countries, more than 54% of people prefer these countries for higher studies. Whereas in India the rate is meager 10%.

As poverty and paucity of funds leads to obstruction in the spread of higher education, various governmental and non-governmental organizations have started providing Scholarships in India and abroad. Moreover various foreign Universities and International agencies also provide scholarships to Indian students so that they can carry out their Higher Studies in a reputed institution of their choice. On the other hand, there are some Institutes in India that provide fellowships to foreign Scholars. While most of the fellowships are meant to benefit individual students, some scholarships in India and abroad are also provided primarily to promote interaction among students from various cultures.

Scholarship Application Procedure

The application process for different scholarships in India and abroad are different and so the fellowships amount. It differs according to the grade of study and organization or the trust that offers it.The students should have enough details of the terms and conditions of scholarships in India and abroad before accepting them. Since many of them may come with some strings attached. One should accept them only if the student can comply with the terms stated..

On this page, you may get the details of various Scholarships available in India and abroad. These fellowships in India and abroad may be offered at various levels of study like graduate level, postgraduate level, Doctorate level or postgraduate level. We have attempted to provide accurate details about these scholarships in India and abroad, however if you come across any discrepancy, then please do inform us.



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