Tea Management as Career : Introduction

Tea Management, though a rare career option, can be quite an interesting one. The business world has drastically changed and youngsters now have such a diverse range of career options that the people of days gone by could not even have imagined. One of the unorthodox career lines that is gaining popularity in India is that of tea management. Tea, as a beverage has conquered continental boundaries. Although an Asian product, its popularity in the western country exceeds the countries of its birth. The tea industry forms a major player in earning foreign currency for India. Although unconventional, tea management is quite an interesting career line. There is no hot beverage as widely drunk as tea. Originating from Asia tea is something the whole wide world is hooked on to. Today the West beats Asia as the largest consumer of the drink. Tea plantations have been providing employment to thousands at all levels, beginning from field workers at plantations to estate managers. Tea Management Courses in India thus can be helpful in building up a successful career. The tea industry is one of the major revenue earning industries of India. It is one of the major export items and the industry is also one that provides employment to thousands of Indians. The industry is only likely to grow meaning that finding jobs in the industry is never going to be a problem. The chances of making it big in the tea industry are even better once you have taken a tea management course from the various institutes of India.

Tea Management Courses in India comprises of training for different levels of workers. Several institutes all over the country conduct courses on tea management. Classes on Tea production, processing, finance, marketing and sales are conducted. Tea tasting also forms an important part of the syllabus.

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