Teaching : Future Prospects

Teaching is one of the more flexible professions. It permits career-breaks and late entries. It is particularly suitable for married women who may want to take a break when their children are still young. Teachers who return on a regular full-time or part-time basis are entitled to be paid at a scale no lower than that which they left off.

Other avenues are also open to teachers. Giving tuitionís on a full-time or part-time basis is an attractive alternative. Tutorial classes have come up in a big way in all the large towns and cities, as educational needs expand and schools with large numbers in every class are unable to provide the detailed attention required by students preparing for competitive exams.

Private tutors fill the gap. They provide individual and group coaching to students for various competitive examinations. Most tutors specialize in particular subjects, whether it be for class 12 examinations, the eleventh or civil services entrance examinations, MBA or bank recruitment examinations, or even preparation for the entrance examination to foreign universities.

Teachers who run these tutorial classes are normally those who have experience in teaching in schools or colleges or even retired from services.

There are no fixed rates for classes; teachers of tutorial classes earn as much as the market can sustain.

Those with administrative experience can open their own school or institutions.

There are also ample research opportunities in the form of research scholarships and fellowships for those inclined towards private study.




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