Special Schools and Training for Career in Teaching

For a variety of reasons, children may have special educational needs-such as
specific learning disabilities physical or mental handicaps.

The number of institutions catering to these special requirements is growing. The work here is emotionally and physically demanding. The teacher has to cope with the children ‘s day-to-day activities such as eating or cleaning up in addition to academic subjects. For those with particular disabilities, the teacher may also have to keep in constant touch with the parents or doctors.

While specialized training in dealing specific problems may be an advantage, for those who take up this profession, it is necessary to be sensitive to the needs of the children, and have some experience of teaching normal children.


Formal training for teachers can be undertaken for primary and secondary level schools. Primary school teachers are required to have completed the 10+2 examination with a diploma / certificate course in pre-school or kindergarten teaching. These courses can also be done after graduation, although graduation is not normally prerequisite for primary level teachers.

At the secondary level, teachers are required to posses a degree in teaching / education. The Bachelor of Education degree is one – year training course for graduates of any discipline. Most universities in the country offer degree in education for the physically or mentally handicapped etc. These diploma courses are available to those with some teaching experience or a Bachelor’s degree. Some institutions offer a bed with special focus on particular subjects such as science or math’s teaching.

There are also correspondence courses at some universities for employed graduate teachers.

DURATION OF TRAINING: Most primary teaching courses run for one academic year. B.Ed courses are also for one year after graduation. The M.Ed. courses are another one year.




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