When you walk into an interview, the impression people form of you is based 70 percent on your image, 23 percent on your sound, pitch, modularity of your voice and 7 percent on what you are saying.The first few minutes in an interview are crucial, for in this brief time span interviewers judge candidates by their non verbal behaviour - eye contact, gestures, the smile, or the lack of it, on your face and the tone of your voice.


  1. Wear light coloured sober clothes. New dress should be avoided. For its stiffness can make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. r="#000000">Speak up. For the interview is meant for you to be heard. It is bad if the interviewers has to ask you to repeat what you are saying
  3. When your opinion is sought, avoid giving a neutral answer. When asked for quantities, give specific numbers - not value aggregates.
  4. You must be assertive, but the impression you should give is that you are open to other views.
  5. Have a look of success about you. Don't make yourself feel humble.
  6. Never show the panel you are tensed. Don't keep your head down or fiddle with something.
  7. Be honest and talk about things you are clear about. If you go out of your way to impress the interviewers, you may end up pravoking them into asking uncomfortable questions.

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