You will probably encounter a variety of approaches to interviewing, and many interviewers will use more than one approach in an single interview. In general, you can expect to be asked about items on your resume that may be unclear or that the interviewer is particularly interested in. This type of questioning, along with  questions about your career goals and expectations of your employer, fall under the category we call clarification interviewing. A few interviewers will ask only these kinds of questions-indicating, perhaps inexperience, lack of interest in learning much about you, or fear of turning you off with more challenging questions.

Usually, however, you will also be asked doubt-resolving questions, which might address why you left your last job, what you see as your greatest weakness, and why the job appeals to you. Many interviewers will limit themselves to just clarification and doubt-resolving questions-but some will not.

Interviewers may also use techniques designed to determine how you would operate on the job-such as questioning you about how you have responded to certain types of situations in the past (behavioral interviewing) or how you think you would respond to a given hypothetical situation or set of facts (hypothetical situations and case analysis interviewing); putting you into a simulated or real on-the-job situation (audition interviewing); or having a psychologist delve into your past experience , motivations , and influences (psychological interviewing)

Types of Interview Approaches

Clarification . Aim is to achieve greater understanding of what you claim in your resume as your education, experience, or accomplishments as well as your goals and expectations of your manager or the company.

Doubt-Resolving. Aims is to resolve possible concerns or doubts about your judgement, veracity, behavior , or achievements.

Behavioral. Aim is to test whether you have encountered challenges similar to those anticipated and how you handled them.

Hypothetical. Aim is to test whether your thinking and judge-ment are likely to be appropriate for the on-the-job challenges you might be expected to encounter.

Case Analysis. Aim is to test whether you can comprehend a complex set of facts, create a framework for analyzing them,and arrive at logical and useful conclusions.

Auditioning. Aim is to witness your actual performance in a simulated or real on-the-job situation.

Stress. Aim is to test your reactions to pressure in order to see whether you keep your cool or lose it.

Psychological. Aim is to try to determine the major influences on your reasoning and your emotions, in order to predict of how you might perform under a variety of circumstances or management approaches.

Now we'll look in more detail these interviewing approaches and recommend ways of answering the most common questions in each category.

You think the interviewer will be wearing slacks and a sport shirt, or a blouse or sweater Slacks and a sport shirt and sweater vest or open-necked dress shirt    Tailored pants and blouse or jackets.
You think the interviewer would wear slacks and a shirt and tie or a skirt and blouse or a pants suit Match what the interviewer will wear-but make the slacks the bottom half a suit, and bring along a jacket just in case Match what the interviewer will wear-but in a fairly conservative style
You think the interviewer will wear a suit, and if a woman, the bottom hauls will be a skirt rather than pants. Match what the interviewer will wear. Your suit should  be traditional in cut and  color (dark gray,navy) Match what the interviewer will wear. Unless your jacket buttons to the neck, wear a blouse under it, and wear a mid-length skirt.



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