The process of a country can be gauged from the efficiency of its power generation and dissemination. With India emerging as destination for industries and entrepreneurs, the quality , availability and price of power attain great significance. This realization has witnessed the quest for alternative source of power. Effective utilization of available power is an issue that is becoming increasingly discussed and it is in this light that captive cogeneration of power assumes relevance.

Cogeneration is the effective utilization of heat and power. Gas turbines have exhausts wherein the heat goes unutilized. Through cogeneration , the heat energy too is harnessed utilized effectively. Not only does it reduces the energy bills, it is also environment friendly and the  difference in amount spent on power generation compared to conventional sources can be as high as 40 per cent. This certainly , is the solution for the power requirements of tomorrow.

Paper, chemical and petrol chemical industries are ideally suited for application of this technology, as are hotels and hospitals, he informs. In terms of reliability, gas turbines are the preferred prime movers for cogeneration plants. The advantage being greater waster-heat recovery, easy availability, comparatively small size of the unit and low maintenance.

Spreading awareness about this technology, its usage and benefits have been one of the thrust areas since the beginning . It is only when people realize the difference that they can make an informed choice.

Power cost in India is among the highest in the worlds and fossil fuel is depleting. This must make the technology a very lucrative one? Yes, considering that world's reserves of fossil fuels are limited and conventional methods of separate production of electricity and thermal energy are not the most efficient, gas turbine based cogeneration plants make it possible to utilize available natural resources as economically as possible by producing heat and power simultaneously from a single fuel source.  The concept of energy terminals are taking shape but more initiatives in this direction are required. The government is yet to realize the potential of this source for generation of power. What is perhaps required is a power balance between mega power projects and captive cogeneration plants.




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