A Career in Shipping


Shipping is the means by which goods and sometimes passengers are
transported by sea from one place to another. It is an important aspect of
international trade, and forms the pivot of the country’s commercial activities.
Shipping involves efficient and economical movement of cargo from one part of
the world to another, and includes operations such as chartering and booking of ships and cargo, and obtaining formal approvals for the movement of vessels.

Shipping is an important commercial activity, as the high costs and other
limitations of air transport make it economically less viable for the transportation of a variety of cargo, particularly bulk goods. With the advent of containers, these bulk goods , s also other items, can be carried safely and economically.’ 

Shipping professionals are therefore primarily involved in the country’s export and import transactions.

As goods to be shipped are also transported by roads, rail or air before they
reach a port, this chapter also includes freight forwarding, another activity carried out by shipping companies.

Professionals in the area of shipping are mainly concerned with the efficient and economical movement of goods. Their work, therefore, involves all the
commercial activities that ensure that goods reach their destinations.


Most shipping companies take in graduates in any discipline , although a
diploma in shipping is preferred. Due to the paucity of training programmes in
shipping, most candidates receive on-the-job training.


Practical intelligence , physical energy and stamina, management abilities,
ability, ability to work had and for irregular hours, interest in commercial matters as well as geography and world trade, a liking for paper work , good contacts and the ability to win people’s confidence, entrepreneurial spirit.


Employment opportunities in this area are available in shipping companies and
freight forwarding companies. There is no dearth of employment opportunities,
since there are hundreds of companies with branches in all the major trading
centers of the country , as well as abroad. Government organizations such as
Shipping Corporation of India also provides employment in this area.


With the liberalization of the economy, changing trade policies, and the increase in world trade, employment opportunities in this industry are growing rapidly. 





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