A Career in Sports


For years sport was considered a recreational activity, or at bests a hobby. Even those who pursued state and national level honors did so more for the love of a sport, than as a deliberate professional pursuit. Prize money was limited and few could eke out a living from the sports field.

However, with more money coming into sport, those with potential and talent
can now consider a sporting career, sponsorship, scholarship, prize money,
contracts, endorsement, revenue from TV telecasts and award have all boosted
the prospects for career in sport.

As in the other areas there is stiff competition in this field but it nevertheless has  much to offer to the talented and trained sports person.

There are also a limited number of sports that provide the financial support that
enables talented players to earn a living.


Strong competitive urges and will to win high level of physical fitness, mental
and physical stamina, resilience and self-discipline, and single mindedness.


Trained coaches are in demand at all the training centers set up by SAI and by
state and central sports bodies. Coaches can also find openings in sports clubs, schools and colleges and as in-house coaches for corporate sports team.



Those with talent would have been spotted well before they leave school. The
Sports Authority of India (SAI) has initiated several schemes to spot latent
talent, and to provide facilities for nurturing them.

Financial support is crucial for nurturing a sporting career. A nutritious diet,
suitably sportswear and gear and general psychological security depend on
sound finances.

The SAI scheme aims to provide these facilities to talented youngsters
throughout the country.

There are two national schemes for training coaches

Under the National Coaching Scheme trained coaches are made available for the various SAI sporting schemes and for conducting coaching camps.





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