Studying in Germany


The US and UK universities  have been tapping the Indian market for long. The came the Australian and Canadian universities. Now itís the turn of the French and Germany universities. In recent years, quite a few Germany universities have developed programs of particular interest and relevance to foreign students. Almost all these courses are co-ordinated by DAAD.

The DAAD is an organization of the institutions of higher education and student bodies, in the Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1925 and revived in 1950.

  Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degree courses in Germany

Some 1,40,000 foreign students are already living and studying in Germany. In an age of ever greater and closer international co-operation, highly qualified foreigners are particularly welcomed by Germanyís higher education institutions . Consequently, a number of these institutions have developed new study opportunities of particular interest and relevance to foreign students. These programs will help these students to successfully advance their studies in Germany. Numerous German institutions of higher education offer international degree courses. The range of study opportunities covers undergraduate degree courses for students beginning their studies, and graduate/postgraduate courses for advanced students.

Except for a small number of special cases, the predominant or exclusive language of instructions, at least in the first  semester, is English. All degree courses feature the following conditions.

 High academic standard

Courses and lectures held in English (for further details on the language of instructions, refer to the individual program descriptions)

Tightly organized study programs

International degrees

German language courses offered before and during the program  

Special  services : academic and personal support services provided by tutors and mentors, intensive study counseling, work min small groups, etc.

Opportunities for study periods at partner universities and colleges abroad

No tuition fees  

In many of the programs. German students will account for half the number of participants , thereby, offering these students the opportunity to gain international skills and qualifications through their attendance of English-instructed courses and study periods abroad.

 Further information on the admission conditions and requirements, application deadlines and formalities is available directly from the specified contact address at the respective higher education institutions.

 The individual higher education institutions are themselves responsible for deciding the acceptance and admission of applicants. Their decisions are made on the basis of applicant quality criteria. For admission to any of the undergraduate programs, an equivalent to the general higher education entrance qualification is required. To be admitted to any of the postgraduate programs in general, a bachelorís degree will be the admission requirement. However, in certain cases, additional period of study in a respective field may be necessary in order to fulfill the admissions requirement for the courses. Most courses require good knowledge of English to be proven by test, which might be more commonly used in certain areas of the world.

 None of the listed degree programs charged tuition fees  as they receive subsidies by the German government. Thus , participants of the courses will only have to bear the cost of living. The cost of living  in Germany  will vary from one town to another. Students  must reckon with cost ranging from between DM 1000 and DM 1300 per month.

 It is important to remember that while English may be widely used in the campus, outside the campus , German is the main language. Some German institutions of higher education ask proof of  good knowledge of German. Hence , a good knowledge of German is imperative for anyone studying in Germany. One can already develop ones inclination and personal talent for learning a new language in India itself. The Max Muller Bhavan provides short term and crash courses in German.  





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