Bishop Cotton School Shimla is the oldest boarding school in Asia, founded on 28th July 1859 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, son of an Army Captain, who died leading his Regiment in battle. Bishop Cotton School is the first School in India to start the Prefectorial System. Bishop Cotton personally reconnoitered ten sites in September and October 1864, and finally approved the South end of Knollswood Spur which belonged to the Rajah of Keonthal. Bishop Cotton has produced several prominent alumni, known as Old Cottonians, including the highly decorated officer Major Roy Farran (Curzon).

The students are divided into four houses:-
  • Rivaz (sky blue)
  • Ibbetson (navy blue)
  • Lefroy (forest green)
  • Curzon (cherry red)

Each student is sorted into one of these houses upon entry into school. The houses compete against each other in academic and sporting disciplines, each contributing towards house points which eventually count towards the "Cock House" awarded to the champion house for the year. In the Junior School, from classes I to V, pastoral requirements are met and control and supervision of the boys is by the Matrons who live next to the boys in the dormitories.

Affiliation: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) and The Indian School Certificate examination (ISC)

Extra Activities

Activities like drama, debating, elocution, stamp collecting, wood work, lathe work, horticulture, non-formal teaching of under privileged children, creative writing, the Science Club, the Cotton Society (an academic club), the Nature Club, the Photography Club, the Careers Club, the Theatre Club and the Irwin Light Club (for theatre lighting, film and sound), public speaking, art and craft and music are rigorously encouraged.


The School's prospectus, CD and registration form can be obtained on sending demand draft for Rs. 500/- favouring Headmaster, Bishop Cotton School , Shimla. Registration entitles a boy to go through the entrance procedure once. The entrance tests are conducted over the second weekend of September at Delhi and Shimla respectively. The test will comprise half hour written tests in English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Awareness. There will also be a reading assessment and a verbal and non-verbal assessment.

Students domiciled in India & Nepal
(a) Registration Fee - Rs. 5,000
(b) Admission Fee - Rs. 25,000.00
(c) Infrastructure Fee - Rs. 30,000.00


Address: Khalini
Shimla, 171002
Himachal Pradesh
Phone: (177)2220880, 2220990, 2222212
Website: http://www.

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