Give Your Child - Health Advantage

How many times have you looked in the mirror ruefully and complained to your mom about how she could have encouraged a healthy diet and forced you to give up junk food? I have done so many a time. In fact my one grouse against my mom has been that she did not completely get rid of my facial hair. Her defence is that I used to shriek my little head off whenever she came towards me with a mixture of gram flour and cream to massage my little frame and face. But thankfully she managed to get rid of most of it. Well, as for the acne and excess weight, I am trying my very best right now. But unfortunately I cannot go back in the past and wipe the slate clean. Just have to make do the best that I can. The same goes for all of you.

But there is one thing that we all can do. And that is not to repeat the same mistakes on our young ones. I am sure our parents did the best they could, as in my case I was just to strong-willed and insisted on my own way. But we must at least try to inculcate good habits from the very beginning, and give the future generation a beautiful, healthy advantage. We owe this to them.

Start before the cradle

During your pregnancy, keep calm and encourage peaceful, loving thoughts because it has been scientifically proved that your attitude of mind affects the fetus. Reason why pregnant woman are expected to read religious books and listen to spiritual songs and hymns. The correct attitude leads to good physical and mental health, which as we know is the basic requirement of beauty.

If an ultrasound scan tells you that you are expecting a female child, make sure that you ask your gynecologist to rub your newborn with the placenta, in the delivery room itself. This will ensure clear skin with a minimum of facial or body hair, and your baby girl will never need to wax or bleach all her life. Please do not do this for a male child, or he will blame you for robbing him of a macho advantage.

Good food habits

As you know, good skin and hair is the result of a healthy diet. Lotions and shampoos are attempted cures and not preventions. If you start your daughter on the right foods, she will automatically gain the healthy advantage. All parents try to teach their children the right food habits, but if you explain it to her correctly, she herself will want to eat right. Especially, if you start her off young. You can give her a few sweets and chocolates, but make sure that they are rationed. Encourage her to eat good wholesome food like milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Snack time can be fun time as you whip up some interesting healthy snacks and discourage fried foods. Nowadays you get a lot of healthy munchies in the market. Stock your ladder with these instead of fried stuff and you will be laying a good foundation for her future health and beauty.

Hair and skin care

Teach your little girl to keep her hair clean and neat. A mild shampoo and regular brushing should keep them in good condition. Regular trims are a must as are oil massages. At this age it is always better to keep hair short so that they are well maintained and healthy. When she grows up, the choice is hers. As for her skin, you should teach her to massage her face with homemade face packs of gram flour and cream or milk, depending on her skin type, especially in winter. This will keep her skin soft and smooth.


A daily bath is a must. And should be doubled in summers. A fragrant talcum powder will help her feel fresh and clean. Deodorants should not be encouraged before her teens. After this you can teach her to use a little eau de cologne in her bath for an even fresher cleaner feeling. Self-esteem is important to a growing teenager. Does your daughter brush her teeth twice a day? Do teach her the habit of good dental hygiene and make a visit to your dentist at least twice a year for best results. You are laying the foundation to an attractive, sparkling smile.

Foot care

This is a very important area to maintain, as good foot care would mean a good style of walking. And walking and exercise are necessary to maintain a good figure. Shoes are one area where hand-me-downs should be avoided, as you need a good fit. If the shoe is too tight, or pinches her little feet, she might get into the habit of walking in an odd manner. Comfort is of the utmost importance and you should go in for straps or lace ups for young children. If your child’s foot is not arched as it should, it would be best to seek expert advice.

Basically, all babies are blessed with soft and tender the skin. How you and she maintain it is entirely up to you. Good training will go a long way. Always remember that you have a potential beauty on your hands.