Hindustanlink Kids Corner


Wouldn't you like to come first in class? Be the best on the field?

Here are some tips. Just for you!


In Class

Listen carefully to what your teacher has to say.
Ask questions if you do not understand.
Write down difficult words. Look them up in the dictionary later. Do all your homework on time. If you let it pile up, then it will never get done. Help somebody with their work. You'll learn better. Write clearly.


On the field

Take part in as many games as possible. It will help you build a lot of muscles. Take your father out for a walk. Both of you will get some exercise. Ask your mother to join you in a game of tag. Play with some one younger than you. Teach them a game. Play with some one older than you. Learn a game from them.



Take part in all activities at school.
Tell a story in class.
Wish all your teachers in school, whether they teach you or not.
Draw something. Paint something. Write something.
Learn something new everyday!