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I Want To Be...........

  1. I want to give the world the best invention but not such a good one that no one else can make the Earth better.
  2. I want to be tall but not so tall that I can't even see my feet.
  3. I want to be loud but not so loud that people shake when I Whisper.
  4. I want to be fat but not so fat that there isn't enough cloth to make me a dress.
  5. I want to be fast but not so fast that light looks like a tortoise.
  6. I want to be like a flower blooming in the sun and giving out the endless sweetest nector.
  7. I want to be like ants always trying and never giving up.
  8. I want my hair long but not so long that aliens think Earth is becoming black.
  9. I want to be like a Polar bear all white and always in the snow.
  10. I want to be like Jumbo and be able to fly using my ears.
  11. I want to be like a light-bulb always helping the people from the dark in the light.
  12. I want to be in a rocket ship seeing the Earth revolve.
  13. I want to be like the Patella helping people on their feet.
  14. I want to be like Garfield always helping people to laugh
  15. I want to be in rocket seeing the Earth revolve
  16. I want to be like Hardy Boys helping people solve mysteries
  17. I want to be transformed into any animal I want but be able to transformed back to myself.
  18. I want to have the power to change mean boys into good boys.

By Aditya

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