Heart Attack : FAQs
Myocardial infarction (mi): Heart attack 


What are the ways to prevent the disease?
Stay in touch with friends and family. Research shows that peoplewith poor social support are more vulnerable to heart disease. Also, seek waysto control feelings of anger and hostility; these emotions may add to heartattack risk.

Assess your heart attack risk profile and make appropriate changes to diet andlifestyle early.

If you are at high risk for heart attack, have yourself tested regularly forsilent ischemia.

Talk with your doctor about taking an aspirin daily. Studies have shown thatthis regimen significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

Call your doctor if :
You or someone you are with manifests signs of a heart attack. Seek emergency help without delay.

You suffer from angina (chest pain) and begin to experience pain that is similar but does not respond to medication; this may indicate that a heart attack is under way.

Your angina attacks become more frequent, prolonged and severe; as angina worsens, the risk of heart attack increases.

You are taking aspirin to prevent heart attack and your stool appears black and tarry. This may indicate gastrointestinal bleeding and could be a sign that aspirin has thinned your blood too much, a problem that can and should be corrected.


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