The various causes of the kidney diseases are numerous. Among the prominent are the following :

Over consumption of protein,  particularly of flesh foods, of all foods beyond the body’s needs; the use of salt meats, heavy foods, vinegared and salted foods, also those that are spiced, denatured and devitalized; the drinking of  tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages; constipation which throws extra work upon the kidneys; excessive mental and physical activity, the use of drugs for various diseases and symptoms, especially the suppression of acute disease and symptoms by drugs, it does not require all of these to produce a condition of toxemia – poisoning of the blood. 

 The eliminative system of the body-kidney, might be compared to the sanitary department of a city.

The symptoms of disease often are vague. A person may have a moderately well advanced nephritis without being aware that there is anything radically wrong. It may be an examination of the urine in the process of  examination for insurance or of the eyes for the reason for failing vision that reveals a kidney involvement.  Weakness and loss of appetite are early symptoms in many cases. Among other symptoms are headaches and dizziness- upon examination the high blood pressure may be found. There is a loss of weight in many cases. A puffiness under the eyes, especially upon arising is common, also swelling of the ankles and other parts of the body. The breath becomes short and the energy is quickly expended upon exertion. The skin becomes pale and swallow, dry and rough. Albumen is present in the urine, also casts and kidney cells, revealing kidney destruction has taken place. In some cases, however, albumen and casts may not be present. The specific gravity of the urine usually is low.

Insomnia, mental disease and coldness of the extremities gradually develop, also nosebleed and perhaps other hemorrhage. The eyesight gradually or quite suddenly fails. If there is any accompanying involvement of the heart this organ sooner or later begins to cause trouble. Anemia develops, both hemoglobin and blood cells being reduced and the blood deteriorates.

Treatment- In the treatment of kidney‘s disease it is absolutely necessary that the waste products which must be eliminated through the kidneys are kept down in quantity as much as possible, also kept well diluted. This is a condition in which a limited fruit diet followed by the milk diet is of particular value. Milk diet has come to hold first place in the dietetic treatment. Milk will provide every element for repair that the body requires. The kidneys are more like filters, hence the fluid passed out on the milk diet in considerable quantities saves the kidneys rather than acting as a stress to them, by keeping the acids, poisons, wastes and other toxins in such dilution that they are not irritating.

If the bowels do not function regularly daily, an enema should be used each day. It is important that the skin be permitted or aided to function normally. There must be plenty of relaxation, rest and sleep, but one should not lie around  continuously if there is no condition demanding  it. In any case it is necessary that one have fresh air in abundance and one should practice deep breathing. Worry and all other depressing emotions must give to calmness and complacency.

The treatment outlined will do that can be done to spare the kidney further destruction. New kidneys cannot be created and kidneys once diseased structurally will remain less than perfect kidneys. It may be necessary to  repeat the fast and return to the milk diet frequently. The  diet between milk diet periods should fruits and vegetables and moderate amounts of whole grain cereals, with none of the detrimental foods and near-foods already mentioned. The kidney in the body are the only ones that will ever be there. It plays to be as good to them as possible. Home

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