Can Malignant Mesothelioma Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent mesotheliomas is to prevent or limit your exposure to asbestos in homes, in public buildings, and at work. People who may be exposed to asbestos at work include miners, factory workers, insulation manufacturers, railroad workers, ship builders, gas mask manufacturers, and construction workers, particularly those involved with insulation. If there is a possibility of on-the-job exposure, such as renovating old buildings, then you should use all protective equipment, work practices, and safety procedures designed for working around asbestos.

If you live in an older home, there may be asbestos-containing insulation or other materials. A knowledgeable expert can check your home to determine if there is any asbestos and if it poses any risk of exposure. This may involve testing the air for asbestos levels. It is often more dangerous to remove the materials containing asbestos than to leave them alone. You may then decide to have the asbestos removed from your home. You should hire a qualified contractor to perform this job, to avoid contaminating your home further or causing any exposure to the workers. You should not attempt to remove asbestos-containing material yourself.




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