How To Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis?

You might suspect you have arthritis if you have signs and symptoms which include the following:

Persistent joint pain. 

Pain or tenderness in a joint which is aggravated by movement or activity, such as walking, getting up from a chair, writing, typing, holding an object, throwing a ball, turning a key.

Inflammation indicated by joint swelling, stiffness, redness, and/or warmth. 

Joint deformity.

Loss of range of motion or flexibility in a joint. 

Unexplained weight loss.

Extreme fatigue, lack of energy. 

Non-specific fever.


There are over a 100 types of arthritis and you could have one or more of them. See our Section: What is an arthritide? Your doctor can make a definitive diagnosis of arthritis by assessing your medical history, performing a physical examination, ordering specific laboratory tests, and


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              How To Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis
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