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  1) Foreign Pharmacies Online
  Save 80% ordering medicine from reliable & safe overseas pharmacies - WITHOUT a prescription. AFFILIATES EARN 60%

  2) AsthmaTreatment - Safe & Natural
  Never suffer asthma & allergies again -a highly effective treatment based on proven research. This info will change your life!

  3) Back For Life eBook
  Eliminate Your Back Pain Now.

  4) HomeMade Medicine, For Better Health
  Offering the complete health guide to self healing, HomeMadeMedicine shows you how to treat any disease, with herbs.

  5) Free eBook!
  We offer the only 550 page self help ebook to maximizing insurance settlements - Home, Auto or Injury!

  6) Medical Education
  Provides courses and exam simulators for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

  7) Gender Therapy Online
  Gendercare is a gender therapy, gender training and gender technology development site. We treat and teach about gender.

  8) TherapyAve
  Internet Counseling Service.

  9) The Medical Guide
  Medical software resources for handheld and palmtop PCs.

  10) Welcome To HelpPro
  Searchable database of mental health provider information.
  11) Tribuna Medica

  Medical news for professionals - in spanish.

  12) Obstetrics And Gynaecology Examinations
  Mock exams in Obs and Gyne for MD, DGO DRCOG, MRCOG and DNB exams, targeted revision course for all Obs and Gyne exams.

  13) Continuing Education
  Approved CE for nurses and other professionals.

  14) Throw Away Your Glasses For Good!
  New Scientific 3-Step Program Keeps Your Eyes Young.Even Improves Your Vision!

  15) Stop Paying For OverPriced Drugs!
  Doctor written E-Book that shows you how to stop paying for expensive prescription drugs.

  16) Cancer
  Information regarding cancer and care for patients.

  17) SleepeBooks
  Health Care Professionals Guide to Sleep Disorders.

  18) The Most Dangerous Enemy
  Is not a thief in the night, but the one whom you don't recognize (Recognizing Diabetes)


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