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Box puzzle
Move the squares using the arrow keys to get them in the correct order. Fun! 

You can create custom and unique "buzz" phrases using JavaScript. You may click the Buzz button or, customize the buzz phrase with a personal buzz term. 

Math Quiz 
Flash cards were pretty good math practice. But, they were always the same math problems, over and over. Lo and behold, JavaScript to the rescue! Just select the difficulty level then click the type of problem you want to practice with, (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) and JavaScript will give you a problem. And, a built-in score checker grades you along the way! Great practice for elementary-aged students just learning their math skills, or for anyone wishing to practice a bit! 

Mind Reader 
(Internet Explorer Only) Think of a number between 1 and 63 and answer YES or NO to the questions. The Mind Reader will tell you the number. Amazing! 

Love Test
Here's a neat little script to figure the "love compatibility" between two people. Just enter their names and hit calculate! We are not responsible for any broken relationships resulting from this script. ;-) 

Lottery Numbers 
This e-game will help you pick your lottery numbers. Pick how many numbers you want (pick 3 ?) and then give it a number range and out comes your lottery numbers! Try it! 



Our most popular Blitz introduces you  to the wonderful world of trivia with fun questions about practically everything under the sun: history, science, art, geography and more! 
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What's your game? Whether you like basketball, baseball, football or hockey, you're sure to love our weekly Sports Trivia Blitz. No sports site is complete without it! 
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In our Entertainment Trivia Blitz, it's show time all the time! We've got weekly questions from the world of movies, music and television. Now that's entertainment! 
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