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In Feng Shui, there are tools of the trade that adjust and enhance the movement of energy. These tools have been used since prehistoric times in many cultures and are part of the fun of practicing Feng Shui. Wind chimes and wind bells were used by Buddhists in Tibet and Asia on the temples and shrines to encompass the structure in the pleasing sound from the wind. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the wind chime became more popular in the West. The tones of a windchime have a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. The vibrations of chimes release emotional stresses and calm us. Chimes bring about a sense of wellbeing and peace.

In Feng Shui, energy needs adjusting due to an imbalance, so using a chime is perfect for the job. Feng Shui tools can incorporate the use of color (follow the bagua), Feng Shui mirrors, lighting, sound makers - windchimes, movement makers whirligigs and banners, living organic plants and flowers, crystals manmade or natural, water features or water fountains and elemental objects (see Feng Shui).

A Feng Shui chime makes harmonious sound outdoors when a gentle wind blows. The sounding windchime calls in positive chi or energy into your life with new opportunity. Many people buy chimes as garden art and creative artists love to make chimes out of almost anything. Listen to the chimes before purchase. The sounds must be pleasing to the ear or they will not serve. It is not good Feng Shui to hang chimes that are annoying to a homeowner as they sing. Pick a chime that lifts your spirits when it sounds. A beautiful chime singing in the wind is a heavenly experience. Chimes are good for any area of the nine areas of life. They soothe the soul and can take us to far away places in our minds.

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