Mahavir Jayanti


The Jain community celebrates the birth anniversary of the 24th and the last Tirthankara, Vardhman Mahavir, the founder of Jainism. Lord mahavir was a great teacher, his philosophies and teachings taught mankind the true path of happiness. His teachings on complete non-violence and importance of austerity showed us the path to achieve salvation and spirituality

The entire Jain community through out the country celebrates Mahavir Jayanti. Lord Mahavira was born in Vaishali, which hosts a majestic celebration. Temples that host Mahavir Jayanti festivals are decorated with flags to mark the birthday of Lord Mahavira.

On this auspicious day, grand chariot processions with the images of Mahavira are organised. In the morning the idol of Mahavira is given a ceremonial bath called the 'abhishek'. It is then placed in a cradle and carried in a procession around the neighbourhood. Some sections of the community even participate in a grand procession. Each procession varies from each other but generally includes drummers, horses, elephants, singers and lamps. Depending on the region, the procession ends at a temple, shrine or large communal area. People pay visit to the sacred sites and worship the Tirthankars on this day. The devotees make offerings of milk, rice, fruit, incense, lamps and water to the tirthankar. Lectures are held to preach the path of virtue. People meditate and offer prayers. Donations are collected to save the cows from slaughter. Pilgrims from all parts of the country visit the ancient Jain Temples at Girnar and Palitana in Gujarat on this day.

The four kinds of donations recommended for every Jain on this day include:

  • Gyan daan: sharing of knowledge
  • Abhay daan: protecting people from bad actions
  • Aushad daan: donating medicines
  • Ahaar daan: giving food

The given eight items are used by jains to perform puja of a Tirthankara in the temple. Symbolically each item represents a specific religious significance and one should reflect on it while performing puja.

  • Jala Puja: Water
  • Chandan Puja: Sandal-wood
  • Pushpa Puja: Flower
  • Dhup Puja: Incense
  • Dipak Puja: Candle
  • Akshat Puja: Rice
  • Naivedya Puja: Sweet food
  • Fal Puja: Fruit

Life Of Vardhman Mahavir

Mahavir Aarti

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