Naag Panchami



Celebrated by : Hindus
Major Places : Southern India, Maharashtra, Bengal and Rajasthan.
Month : July/August
Observances : Fast by men and women both, Offering of Milk to the snake lord. Sweets are distributed on this day.

Snakes have a lot of Significance in Hindu mythology as they have been playing major role in protecting people from the warth of demons . It is believed that the world is balanced on Shesh Naags Head (Lord Vishnu - the Hindu God reclines on him) - it is this mythology and other such stories which has given birth to the festival called Naag Panchami. It is a festival wherein the snake is worshiped as the mentor of Lord Shiva and other Hindu Gods.

One of the oldest and auspicious festivals, women fast on this day. Also, women draw pictures and images of snakes on walls of their houses with a mixture of cowdung, milk and black powder. Offerings of milk, ghee, sweets, water and rice are also made at the sites of snake holes. Devotees consider themselves lucky if snakes drink offered milks. Naag panchami is observed and celebrated in different ways in various parts of India.

It is mainly observed in Southern India, Maharashtra and Bengal. In Jodhpur, huge cloth effigies of the serpents are displayed at major fairs.

The month of Shravan marks the beginning of the festival season. And Nagpanchami (30th July) the festival of snake god. Shravan shuddh panchami, the fifth day of the waxing phase of the moon is dedicated to the snake god from times immemorial. Serpents are worshipped and offered milk, portraying the symbiotic relationship the agrarian shares with the world of reptiles.

Significance Of Naag Panchami In Different States

History Of Naag Panchami






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