Bipolar disorder mood episodes

According to the American Psychiatric Association, bipolar disorder includes the following four types of mood episodes:

Depression – People with bipolar disorder can feel very sad, sometimes for long periods of time. They may not even want to get out of bed or eat. They don’t enjoy doing things they used to do.

Mania - Mania is the other side of bipolar disorder. Mania may start with a good feeling, almost like a “high.” Or it may make a person feel very irritable and angry. People with mania may do very risky things.

Hypomania – Hypomania is a milder form of mania. A person may feel good and may think that he or she is getting more things done. But the “feel good” stage can change into full-blown mania or depression.

Mixed mood – Feelings of mania and depression can also go back and forth in the same day. This is called a mixed episode.

With all types of episodes, patients are at risk for suicide.

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