Effects of Alcohol on Woman

Womens are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol than men, and experience its harmful medical complications in a shorter period of time.

Women who consume as few as two drinks per day evan have a risk of developing high blood pressure. With as few as two or three drinks a day, a woman is at increased risk of dying from liver disease, cancer or injury. Consumption of as many as four drinks per day increases the risk of stroke among women. Women who drink heavily tend to develop liver or heart disease after fewer years of heavy drinking than men. These women also experience greater damage to their brain structure after fewer years of heavy drinking than men who are heavy drinkers. Higher levels of alcohol consumption may have negative effects on a woman’s menstrual cycle. She may have more painful, heavy, or irregular periods as a result. Heavy alcohol consumption may also lead to the deterioration of female reproductive health. Ovarian wasting or abnormal function, endometriosis, infertility and sexual dysfunction have all been observed in alcoholic women.

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