Several major sources of stress

While this is true, it is also important to note that it can be caused by your environment and by the food and drink you consume. There are several major sources of stress:

  • Survival Stress: this may occur in cases where your survival or health is threatened, where you are put under pressure, or where you experience some unpleasant or challenging event. Here adrenaline is released in your body and you experience all the symptoms of your body preparing for ‘fight or flight’.
  • Internally generated stress: this can come from anxious worrying about events beyond your control, from a tense, hurried approach to life, or from relationship problems caused by your own behaviour. It can also come from an ‘addiction’ to and enjoyment of stress
  • Environmental and Job stress: here your living or working environment causes the stress. It may come from noise, crowding, pollution, untidiness, dirt or other distractions. Alternatively stress can come from events at work.
  • Fatigue and overwork: here stress builds up over a long period. This can occur where you try to achieve too much in too little time, or where you are not using effective time management strategies.

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