Symptoms of Leukaemia

bloodThe symptoms of leukaemia vary greatly, depending on the exact type of disease and how advanced it is. Few or no symptoms may occur in the early stages, especially in people with chronic leukaemia. Many symptoms are vague, such as fever, headaches, weight loss and night sweats. 

Symptoms of leukaemia may include:

  • tiredness, breathlessness and pale skin (due to anaemia, a reduction in number of red cells in the blood)
  • frequent infections that do not get better (due to reduction in white blood cells, which fight infection)
  • abnormal bleeding from gums and cuts (due to a reduction in platelets which are important for normal blood clotting)
  • increased bruising (due to platelet reduction)
  • heavier periods in women (due to platelet reduction)
  • nosebleeds (due to platelet reduction)
  • abdominal pain, due to an enlarged spleen or liver
  • swollen lymph glands (glands in the neck, groin and under the arms)
  • bone pain, due to the pressure of cell build-up
  • swollen gums, and occasionally, swollen testicles

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